Tuesday, October 30, 2007

THE SEVERED ARM (1973) Memories!

One movie that I fondly remember fron my teens is THE SEVERED ARM (1973). I first experienced this movie on the old KMUV Channel 31 (now CW 31 KMAX) Sacramento which was then an Independent TV Station specializing in ALL MOVIES. Kind of like what AMC is today. KMUV signed on the air on October 5, 1974 and was ALL MOVIES until May 1, 1976 when they switched to SPANISH LANGUAGE PROGRAMMING.The schedule was like this, they showed 3 movies 3 times a day (Horror/Sci Fi 7:30AM/5:30PM/11:30PM, Comedy/Musical/Dramas 9:AM/1:PM/7:PM, Action/Westerns 11:AM/3:PM/9:PM as well as Old Time Serials called SOLID GOLD HEROES 7:AM/5:PM/11:PM). Anyway, My first viewing Of THE SEVERED ARM was on KMUV Channel 31 on February 7, 1975. I later saw it on Bob Wilkins CREATURE FEATURES on KTVU Channel 2. It really impressed me. Amazing that it was shown on Movie Theatres in 1973, but went directly to TV 2 years later. This movie definately deserves a Remastered Special Edition DVD WITH EXTRAS!!! (Hint, Hint, Hint: Anchor Bay or Dark Sky or Synapse?) The next 3 posts will be DEADICATED to THE SEVERED ARM. Part 1 will be the synopsis (storyline), Part 2 will be on its cast and Part 3 will be on its checkered VHS and DVD releases. Hope you enjoy it!!!

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fantomas182 said...

Did you noticed that the original story of THE SEVERED ARM was written by Marc B. Ray and Larry Alexander, the same guys who wrote the screenplay of SCREAM BLOODY MURDER the previous year (1972), a story of a boy with a severed hand ?
I'm speaking of the "Scream Bloody Murder" directed by... Marc B. Ray (!), and starring Fred Holbert and Leigh Mitchell. This film was also released in a cut version (like "The Severed Arm") under another title, "Captive Female".
ANOTHER "Scream Bloody Murder", aka "My Brother Had Bad Dreams", directed by Robert J. Emery, was also released in 1972. It starred Nick Kleinholz III and Marlena Lustik and is totally unrelated to the two movies above, although it was confused for years with the other "Scream Bloody Murder", with a lot of reference books mixing credits from both movies...