Sunday, January 21, 2007

January 21, 1967 Schedule

On Saturday Night, January 21 at 11:15PM on KCRA Channel 3, Bob Wilkins showed a double feature that would later entertain a generation of "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" fans. They are "The Giant Gila Monster" (1959) and "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" (1962). The first movie: "A small Texas town finds itself under attack from a hungry 50 Foot Gila Monster". A favorite at the drive ins, usually part of a double feature with "The Killer Shrews" (Also shown on Bob Wilkins show on December 3, 1966). The second feature: "After a car crash, a scientist keeps his wife's head alive in his laboratory. As if this weren't enough, an evil beast ponds and screams from a locked room adjacent to the lab." An excellent movie. The best looking version is available on DVD from "Synapse Films". Most others are dupey looking. Highly avoid the both the old Warner VHS as well as a later MGM Midnite Movies VHS version of this film as both are sourced from a censored TV print. Probably the same print, Bob Wilkins showed on this fateful night.

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