Monday, October 09, 2006

In Loving Memory Of Brian Edward Lowes July 1, 1961- October 13, 2002

This post is dedicated to my Best Friend, Brian Lowes. I had known Brian since I was in Junior High School in 1975.He and I was the best in buddies. When we were teenagers, we went to the local movie theaters to view such scary movies like "Squirm" (1976), "Phantasm" (1979), and "Friday The 13TH" (1980), not to mention the Star Wars Movies. In later years, we took trips to Canada, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oregon, Washington as well as to Los Angeles and San Diego. We even took a trip to the Famous Ackermuseum of Former Famous Monsters Editor, Forrest J. Ackerman in 1995. We also took numerous trips to the Tower Records/Books/Video Stores in Sacramento, Campbell, Mountain View as well as in Stockton. We also went to Tower Classics in San Francisco plus Amoeba Music stores in SF and Berkely. We also enjoyed Clarkes Charcoal Burgers in Mountain View. Not only did we share the interests in Horror Movies, but also Classical Music. He also loved the Rails especially AMTRAK. He lived in Tracy and commuted to the Bay Area using the Altamont Commuter Express Train also known as "ACE. In 2002, at the age of 41, Brian passed away of a heart attack. The coronor thinks Brian passed away in the early hours on Wednesday Morning, October 9, 2002, however we didn't find Brian until Sunday October 13, 2002. He is buried in Saratoga, CA. The photo on the top of the page was taken on May 3, 2002 during a Rally at the ACE Train Station in Tracy when Congressman Richard Pombo visited. Brian is to the left holding the sign with the words : "I went from a crowded lane to a comfortable train. Thanks, ACE!" He maybe gone but I still remember him! I miss you Brian!!!!

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