Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sacramento TV Personality, HARRY MARTIN passes away!

Former KCRA TV personality as well as Bob Wilkins Best Friend, HARRY MARTIN passed away today of cancer at the age of 81. Harry Martin graduated from The College Of The Pacific (now UOP) in Stockton in 1951, then he worked at new Sacramento TV Station KCCC Channel 40 as a announcer. When KCCC went off the air in 1957, Harry moved over to KCRA Channel 3 to become Captain Sacto, a children's TV Host with such shows as CRUSADER RABBIT for 6 years. Harry also hosted movies in the 1960's and early 1970's (THE EARLY SHOW and MARTIN AT THE MOVIES). In 1973, Harry went to host the groundbreaking evening entertainment talk show, THE 7:30 SHOW. In 1976, it was renamed WEEKNIGHT and moved to 7:PM, where he cohosted with Bette Vasquez. After leaving WEEKNIGHT in the mid 80's, Harry became KCRA's Fulltime Entertainment Reporter. Harry retired from KCRA in 1988. He made a special appearance on KCRA's 50TH Anniversary in 1997 reprising Captain Sacto. But Harry Martin was Bob Wilkins BEST FRIEND as well as BEST MAN for Bob's wedding to his beautiful wife, Sally. Harry also made appearances on Bob Wilkins Show on KCRA as well as Bob's Final KTXL Show on February 14, 1981. Harry also appeared at the Bob Wilkins Tribute Show at The Crest Theatre last March in Sacramento. Harry's wife, Polly passed away last August of Cancer. Born as HARRY MARTIN UHLENBERG on February 4, 1927, Harry Martin is survived by his daughter, DAYNA, his son, Steven and Five Grandchildren. You can check out his obit at


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Unknown said...

It was sad to hear not only of Harry's passing, but also of Polly's. My mom and Polly were in the same bridge club for years. The Martins were on my paper route. I also babysat Dayna and Steven a time or two. When my wife and I moved to the Seattle area in 1981 I was pleased to occasionally see Harry's face on KCPQ Tacoma, another Kelly Broadcasting station. He did an annual Academy Awards show with director Stanley Kramer (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Bad Day at Black Rock, On the Beach, ... ) Kramer lived in Seattle. Harry made his Academy Awards picks based on his being a consumate movie fan, while Kramer picked winners it from a more technical angle. It made an entertaining contrast. Did they show this in Sacramento, too?

A part of living is learning to live the losses. If you hurt when someone's gone, then you know you had the courage to love them.

Grace and peace,
Dave Kelley